How To Manifest Money

It’s like a super power, the ability to manifest money into your life just by sending out the correct vibes into the universe. If you practice the Law of Attraction, no doubt you’ve tried to manifest money into your life before. The fact that your reading this suggests that no matter how hard you have tried, you have been unsuccessful.

The problem we have when we try to manifest extra money is that we do it at a time when we really need it. It might be a bill, rent of some other expense that we need to pay quickly. This posses us a problem in the first place as it becomes extremely difficult to turn our thoughts away from our worries.

You can try affirmations, visualizations or you can even smell money but as soon as your thoughts return to the things that are stressing you out, it all ends up being in vain. We really do need to turn off those feelings of stress and the feelings that we need money before we can be successful.

The key to successful manifestation and to be able to manifest money is the undying belief that you have already received it. Just visualizing it isn’t enough if you don’t actual believe it is on it’s way. Money is abundant and flowing all around you, once you believe that it’s yours, it will find you.

In the video above, actor and comedian Jim Carey probably explains how to manifest money better than anyone else. He talks about the need to truly believe that you have already received the money and also talks about the days before he was famous when he was broke.

It’s quite a famous story now but Jim describes that how when he was broke he wrote himself a 10 million dollar check for acting service rendered and post dated it for a few years in the future. He carried that check around in his wallet and by the time it had reached it’s due date Jim had earned an acting roll worth the 10 million dollars.

With the law of attraction it’s not believing that anything is possible that matters, it’s believe that the things we want already exist.