What Is The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction explains the theory of how like attracts like. When we speak of the Law we are generally referring to our own thoughts and actions. Such as, if we have negative thoughts we are likely to attract negative things into our lives. Likewise, if we have positive thoughts and do positive actions we are much more likely to attract positive things into our lives.

One of the first things to become aware of when learning about the Law of Attraction and manifestation is the current thought processes you have. Be mindful of the things that draw your attention and you will be surprised how much of it is negative or at best just not very useful.

We spend so much of our energy thinking about not having enough money or about the difficulty we having paying a bill. We spend our time focused on trouble in our relationships, trouble at work or school and the general areas of our lives where there is conflict.

By becoming mindful of the law of attraction we can start to change these thoughts. We catch ourselves in negative thoughts and start to focus on the positive. It takes time, of course and practice. After a while though, it becomes second nature.

Imagine the changes in your life as you become a more positive, thoughtful person. You become happier, more pleasant to be around and much more relaxed and productive.

The Law of Attraction is mostly about us learning to stop thinking about the things that we don’t want, which occupy most of our thoughts and instead focus on the things that we do want.

The ‘Law’ comes into play as we surround ourselves in positive thoughts and energy to the point that the universe can’t help but notice. As the law states, like attracts like’ so as your thoughts and actions become positive. Positive things become attracted to you.